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Our Craftsmen

Not everyone enjoys designing their works of art. The most exquisite handcraft items, such as marble Ganesha statues, marble Durga statues, marble Hanuman statues, marble Laxmi statues, etc., can only be made by talented and trained artisans. We thus count ourselves lucky to have a group of knowledgeable and skilled employees that give each handcrafted item their best effort. Our designers and warehouse staff are working to deliver well-packaged handmade products in a condensed amount of time. In addition, we have hired marketing and sales experts who keep an eye on reaching our established goals to engage with individuals from other nations.

Our Quality

Our products are valued for their high caliber and dependability worldwide. The efforts of the brilliant artisans that work with us result in quality. Additionally, we have a quality control department that inspects all the stones once production is complete to ensure there are no manufacturing flaws when delivered to customers.

Our Strength

We sincerely feel that we are supported with among the most excellent infrastructures for Marble Radha Krishna Statues, Marble Ram Darbar Statues, Marble Laxmi Narayan Statues, and more items in the industry, thanks to the backing of illustrious artisans and a committed crew for quality assurance. Our reliable infrastructure has been the key to our success thus far. Our infrastructure stands out because of the newest equipment we deployed. When necessary and when a replacement is available on the market, all machines are run under the supervision of experts and replaced with new ones.

Our Value Added Services

A wide variety of disciplines, including research, production, designing, inspection, and testing of all our products, are included in our company scope. Along with our standard procedures, we provide our clients value-added services to enhance their business transactions.

Our Individualized Packaging

According to the needs of the client, we provide packaging solutions that are specially created. For example, we utilize high-quality packing materials, whether for long-distance shipping or fragile items, for marble Ganesha Statues, marble Ram Darbar Statues, marble Laxmi Narayan Statues, etc.

Delivery to Destination on Time

We are entirely aware of the importance of achieving customer satisfaction regarding product delivery and quality since timely delivery ensures that our clients fulfill their obligations to end users. As a result, we closely adhere to delivery deadlines.

The Comprehensive Documentation

We ensure that all transactions have thorough documentation as part of our effort to improve the client's business process and accelerate our growth.

Our Individualized Design

Our talented designers have received training and are professionals at comprehending the precise needs of clients. It enhances their capacity to design and create items following the needs and demands of customers. Through a variety of patterns and shapes, professional craftspeople demonstrate their poetic expertise.

The Payment Options

Deliveries are subject to any unforeseeable situations. Therefore, we accept a 50% advance payment and the total amount after delivery by bank/following the mutual understanding and RBI and Indian Government standards for all exporters.

Method Of Payment For International Buyers

  • Bank wire transfers
  • Debit or credit card
  • PayPal
  • Western Union 
  • MoneyGram

Payment Methods For Domestic Buyers 

  • Debit or credit cards 
  • NEFT/Net Banking

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